Welcome to Terán Rojas & Associates


Having the right team of professionals and advisors at your side and available to you seriously increases your odds of a successful outcome. Whether you are starting a new development, dealing with tax or legal issues of an existing business or trying to resolve a problem, our team has the experience and knowledge in Mexico to understand the issues, presenting you with all options and follow through with the necessary services to get the business done. We provide a wide and comprehensive range of services and a staff of diverse specialists ready to assist you in your business ventures in Mexico.


Téran Rojas & Associates understands what it means to be truly bilingual and bi cultural in dealings with foreign clients in Mexico. It is our endeavour to offer our clients both the sophistication and professional expertise they are accustomed to in the United States and elsewhere, while maintaining a level of personal attention, cost efficiency and follow trough that is often ignored by larger firms. We believe that with our special attributes, we can offer to our clients the type of reliable service and comfort that they want and need to be successful in their activities in Mexico.