Specialized accounting services for construction, developments and companies that work in all sectors of the tourism industry.


In Teran, Rojas & Associates, we have professionals with extensive expertise in construction and development projects, as well as is many other areas of the tourism industry.


Due to the variety of operations and the complexity of development and the real estate industry, there are specific accounting guidelines (Mexican Financial Reporting Standards, and International and U.S. GAAP) and tax regulations that must be followed when preparing financial statements, for which it is important that from the beginning of a project appropriate controls and policies are correctly established.


Additionally, these industries require the review of key points of operation in order to reduce fiscal and labor risks, as well as a strict internal control system which will help reduce surcharges related to subcontracts and the purchase of materials.


Our team of professionals are ready to assit you on setting up of management , financial fiscal policies and proper accounting procedures.


We offer the following services:

         - Specialized accounting.
         - Implementation of accounting and administrative procedures.
         - Accouning areas supervision.
         - Link between engineering & architectural Project and its finances.
         - Chain supplier’s revision and payments programming.


Preparing Financial Statements according to US GAAP


As an effect of a global economic environment, Mexican Standard principles had been suffering several changes, intending to fit into International Standard Board Principles; however in present time, there are many differences on reporting both principles that in some scenarios could result on a significant impact on the reporting financial information. In Teran Rojas & Associates we are concern that for foreign investor is essential to hire a consultant that can be able to convert their financial information from Mexican principles into US GAAP, or International Standard Board, supported by a solid knowledge of both regulations and can be consistently applied, and being useful for Financial Statements merging in other country of the globe.


Our team is full experience translating Financial Statements in accordance with US GAAP and International Accounting Standards.


Accounting Services

We had been an important piece, implementing, supporting and correcting accounting process in our clients, providing necessary elements for a proper booking and clearing of their documents and books. Our personnel had the experience and developed criteria that could make more efficient the accounting process.


Our services are:


         - Accounting and Tax filing
         - Clearing of accounts
         - Reconcile accounts with third parties.
         - File and proper kept of documents


M.A.S. (Mobile Accounting Service)


We are pioneers in this kind of service, delivering accounting and administrative services tailor made and in site, of our customers, taking advantage of our full infrastructure doing the job in their site directly or from our offices, according to the specific necessity of our clients.