External Controlling


Supervision of accounting and administrative areas

Controlling through of scheduled visits to our customers’ facilities in order to supervise and coordinate their staff in the areas of administration, treasury, accounts payable and accounting.


Our services include:


         - Accounting supervision
         - Implementation of accounting process and internal controls.
         - Preparing Finanical Statements based on information provided by the administration.


Financial Planning


Our highly trained staff assists our clients at the elaboration and development of financial planning that contributes to the control of income, costs, expenses and tax effects. Drawing up good financial plans and strictly adhering to them, will allow our customers to pinpoint extraordinary costs and thus make opportune and assertive decisions. Running a business without a good financial plan is like building a house without architectural blueprints.


Our service includes:


         - Elaboration of financial projections, proforma statements and cash flow reports
         - Negotiation with financial institutions in order to obtain financing.