Fiscal Consulting


Fiscal Planning

In Terán, Rojas & Associates we are constantly reviewing the economic aspects of doing business in Mexico as well as every change to tax laws so that we can provide to our clients opinions that can lead their business to the maximum benefits in fiscal and economic matters. We understand that each of our clients needs custom-made solutions that suit their business plan and operations. Our team of specialists have an extensive experience in federal and local tax regulations, that ensures our clients with the necessary confidence to run fiscal strategies that will perform their working capital more efficiently.


Fiscal Advising

We have supported to many clients assessing their company’s current fiscal situation; advising on the interpretation of any tax law matters based their specific kind of business. We know that inappropriate fiscal advice or an incorrect determination may result in unexpected disbursements and additional costs for the business.


Fiscal Opinions

In fiscal matters there are certain situations and operations that entail the obligation to report to the federal fiscal authority an opinion of an authorized certified public accountant (CPR) this is opinion is well known in Mexico as a "Dictamen Fiscal". Teran, Rojas & Associates has in its staff, CPR’s recognized and authorized by federal fiscal authority to perform and issue such "fiscal opinions".


Support at Fiscal Audits and Tax demands

We assist our clients in this important area with the following services:


         - Supporting our clients with the proper attention against government audits regarding federal or local taxes in order to help them to understand and discern together the interpretation and application of certain fiscal criteria by the authorities.
         - We execute a deep analysis of fiscal situation of our clients, also studying the evidence and the fiscal support on client’s files, staying very close with authorities to reconcile differences in law interpretation, in order to save costs and time.
        - Acting in synergy with attorneys at fiscal matters, we analyze and study all fiscal evidence of our clients that would be useful at any dispute with tax authorities.