Management of Labor Relations


Labor Relations


Labor relations are usually the biggest risk that a company has in Mexico. To any employer in Mexico it is of vital importance since the beginning of any labor relationship, a labor contract for every employee, setting benefits and duties for both sides of the labor relationship. Likewise, it is transcendental to carry out an adequate control, a proper and timely assessment and payroll’s payments, as well as of the related taxes, in order to reduce the risk of labor lawsuits or sanctions imposed by the competent authorities.


Payroll & Social Security

Terán Rojas & Associates offers a wide range of services in this area which include, among others: Elaboration and payment of payroll and their respective taxes, custody of personnel file, elaboration of labor contracts, attention to requirements from labor authorities, negotiations between employer and employee.


Likewise, in real estate development and construction industries, we undertake the responsibility of making sure that contractors accomplish all their obligations in regards to Labor Compensations (Social Security) and tax related issues; a very important situation due to these costs can fluctuate between 25% and 35% of the total payroll.